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You Have No Power Over Me

Just fear me, love me, do as I say and I will be your slave

29 January
[x] 20 year old brunette studying Business Studies at Aberystwyth University.
[x] More often than not can be found at any one of the 52 pubs/bars down in town or the University sportscentre.
[x] In love with Peter Marc Jones from 10 Garden Leys. Will be 3 YEARS on 5th May 2004
[x] Originates from a shit-hole town called Leighton Buzzard, but for the sake of others, Milton Keynes.
[x] Has a little doggy called Jamie who is missed terribly in term-time.
[x] Likes being the centre of attention
[x] Has a generous daddy
[x] Is an obsessive shopper
[x] Pro-Skiier
[x] Bit crazy
[x] Forever grateful to _drownedtosleep for working on the new layout

[x] Have own community called ski_europe. Dedicated to skiing in Europe.